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Control: Smart Power Strip Demo

Smart Power Strip


The Smart Power Strip is a Cheap DIY Smart Home device that I show you how to make which means there will be 4 videos, Demo, Hardware, Software, and Deploy.
This is the first video the Demo Video where I am going to:
Explain what this Smart Power Strip is 
How the device works and details about it
Different Use cases for the device
At the end I will Show every possible way you can control the device, there are a lot
One easy detail about the smart power strip is that it is on a pcb, an amazing PCB company I have been recently using is PCBWay
The Smart Power Strip is basically a device where you can turn on and off anything you plug into three outlets. But, just because in my hands I hold North America outlets doesn’t mean you can’t use this internationally.
Let’s first take a tour around the device outside and a little inside
I will get into specifics on how to make the device in the hardware video but essentially you just hook up AC power to the device and then connect the outlets to the device. The device is very universal as you can connect whatever outlets you want to it. You could even use the device to switch DC power instead of AC.
So what are some use cases for the device:
Desk Setups
Tv centers
Bedside tables
I have been using this DIY power strip for My main desk, second setup, and tv setup for over 2 years!
Basically you can use this device anywhere that you need a lot of sockets
There is one note I would like to make about this project is you need to be careful because this device will be controlling high voltage so you are responsible for what you do.
For your convenience at you can pick up a kit with everything you need to make the device that controls power delivery to each outlet. I also have a version of the kit that if you live in North America it comes with every single part you need to make the device such as the outlets and enclosure.
You can pick up a kit at link is in description
I don’t have to many available.
I also have an assembled option where I put everything together for you.
Speaking of links follow @mksmarthouse
Also if you missed the live stream I now have a discord where we can all chat with one another link is also in the description.
Now, Let me show you the device in action and every way you can control it. 
You can control the device with:
Amazon echo
Google home
Home Assistant
If you want to make this device pick up a kit at
This device uses high voltage proceed with caution, also be mindful of what you plug into the device because there is a maximum of how much power it can handle. I recommend only plugging in 1 device per socket on each outlet meaning a total of 6 devices.