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Control: Sonoff Basic R2 DIY Smart Plug Hardware

Sonoff Basic R2 DIY Smart Plug


The Sonoff Basic Smart Plug is a Cheap DIY Smart Home device that I show you how to make which means there will be 4 videos, Demo, Hardware, Software, and Deploy.
This is the second video the Hardware Video where I am going to show you all the parts need to make this and how to assemble it together.
But basically if you didn’t know, the Sonoff Basic Smart Plug is a device where you can turn on and off anything you plug into it. It works with Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Siri, Amazon Echo, and google home. For more info and to see it in action check out the demo video, in the card in the top right.
The brains of this device is a sonoff basic R2, which is a very popular device in the smart home community.
Another popular company in the diy smart home electronics community is PCBWAY.
So, what parts does this device use?
1 Sonoff Basic R2 / which is the main core of the device, 
a 4 Pin Female Header / so we can flash it with tasmota firmware,
2 Cable Wire Gland with nuts / securely hold cable and waterproof 
2 Cable Wire Gland O-Ring / water proof in between case
1 Waterproof Enclosure / so no water gets in 
1 Blue LED Button with O-ring / manually turn on and off relay
6 inches of BRGB Wire / connect button to sonoff
1 Wire Connector / bridge the 2 ground wires
Optional: Fuse 
What tools are we going to use?
7/16 and 11/16 spade bits or 12mm and 18mm for you all metric people
3 - 4mm drill bit
Black Permanent Marker
Solder Iron
Helping Hands
PCB Holder
Razor or deburring tool
Links to all parts and tools are on my website link in description, but For your convenience at you can pick up a kit with everything you need to make this device except for the extension cord part. I will leave a link in the description to different extension cord options to use with it.
 I don’t include the extension cord for 2 reasons: 
I ship worldwide yes i ship to your country
So you can choose any type of end you want
I don’t have to many available so if you want one do not wait because they could be gone.
I also have an assembled option where I basically do everything I show you in this video, so you can skip this whole process all you have to do is connect your extension cord ends and can start using it
There is also an option regardless of assembled or not where I can flash it with tasmota for you.
If you pick up a kit you can follow along with the videos. Again go to oh yea I have fast USA shipping.
Speaking of links follow @mksmarthouse
Alright let's get into assembly
Remove 2 screws and empty enclosure
Insert gasket and cut to length
Tape both sides of box
Tape Lid
On the enclosure Draw a line 26 mm from the side on both sides
On the enclosure Draw a dot 17mm from the bottom on both sides
On the lid Draw a line 19mm from side
On the lid Draw dot 49mm from bottom
Drill 3-4mm pilot holes on intersection of both lid and bottom
Use 11/16 spade bit on sides (Drill on reverse and slow)
Use 7/16 spade bit on top (Drill on reverse and slow)
Remove Tape
Use a razor or deburing tool and clean up the holes
Put O-Rings on the cable glands
Put in cable glands and secure with nut
Solder Wires to button Red -> + Black -> - and the other 2 don’t matter
Put o ring on button and put in lid and secure with nut
Take apart the sonoff to just the top part and drill two holes to make one big one
Thread wires in sonoff case
Solder 4 pin header
Solder Blue and green to button, Black to pin next to relay or GND, Red to pin next to header or 3.3v
If not flash sonoff then Close sonoff case and make sure button is pressable otherwise move the wires around if not
That's it the device is assembled. In the next video we will talk about the software.