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Sensors: Fire Sensor MQTT OpenHAB ESP8266 Final Install

Fire Sensor MQTT OpenHAB ESP8266

Final Install: 

Hey guys Matt here from and in this video I am going to show you how to install the Fire Sensor in your house.
First up let's go over the materials and tools we need to install this Fire Sensor. For materials we are just going to need 2 screws, 2 conductor 22 gauge wire and white heat shrink. As for tools we are going to need wire strippers, wire cutters, a screwdriver with phillips bit, heat gun or lighter and a small flat screw driver. The links to all the materials and parts are over on my website, the link is in the description.
The first thing we have to do is connect the fire detector to the fire sensor and to do this we have to use the 2 conductor 22 gauge wire. Grab the wire strippers and strip off the white insulation on both ends to expose the 2 conductors. Now that we can see the red and black wires, using the wire strippers strip those as well to expose the copper wires. Right now there is one problem we have red and black wires but we need red and white wires. So take the white heat shrink and cut pieces to put over the black wires on each side of the cable. Then take a heat gun or a lighter, I will use a lighter and heat up the heat shrink so it compresses to the wire. Great! Now we have red and white wires. Now on one end of the wire fold back the copper conductors. This is the end that will go into the fire sensor. Next on the fire sensor loosen the terminal screws using a flat screwdriver. Now take the red and white wires with the folded copper conductors and put the red wire into the red side of the terminal and the white wire into the white side of the terminal. Once they are in use the small flat screwdriver and tighten the screw terminal. Now the fire sensor part is done so take the lid to the device and put it on. If your fire detectors are connected to main power then go to your breaker panel and turn off the electricity to them, just to be safe. Speaking of we will not be touching or working with high voltage wires but we will be working near them. Once the breaker is off remove the fire detector from the ceiling so we can see all of the wires. Next let’s connect the other end of the red and white wires so run them over to your fire detector, I put my wires through the blue electrical housing. After that locate the red and white wires from the fire detecor in the electrical housing and bring them out. Then remove the screw cap from red wires and add the red wire coming from the fire sensor and screw the screw cap back on. This means the red wire is connected so now let's connect the white wire. So remove the screw cap from the white set of wires and add the white wire from the fire sensor and put the screw cap back on. This means that both wires are connected and the Fire sensor is also fully connected. Now let’s tidy everything up! So tuck the red and white set of wires back into the electrical box. Following that put the fire detector back onto the ceiling. You can now also turn the breaker for the fire detectors back on. Next let’s go back to the fire sensor and mount it. To mount it we are going to use two small screws. First decide where you want to mount it, I will mount mine on a stud in ceiling. Then take one of the screws and screw it in. After that take the fire sensor and slide it underneath the screw. Then take the other screw and screw it in the top hole of the fire sensor. Great! Now, it is mounted! The last thing we have to do is plug it into power so I ran the power cable over to my network setup power strip since it was close. If you are interested in my network setup I have a couple videos on it on my channel. That is it! The fire sensor is fully connected! So let’s test it. To test it we simply have to activate the fire detectors, on mine I just have to hold down the test button and they activate. And since all the fire detectors are connected together I can do it on any fire detector, I will do it on the fire detector in the hallway. And as you can see when I hold down the button the fire detector activates and I get a Notification on my phone. If it works then that is it, the Fire Sensor is now complete and fully installed! I am so happy because I will now always know the status of my fire detectors and get a notification if something is wrong! Alright thank you for watching and If you have any questions leave them in the comments section below or head over to Good Bye!