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Hello, my name is Matt Kaczynski and I am the founder of MK-SmartHouse. For the past couple years, I have been really fascinated with with Smart Home technology and always thought, and still do think, it is the future. But, there is one problem. Some of the technology is really expensive and not practical on a large scale. So, I looked at my options and did some research online and came across the ESP8266, MQTT and OpenHAB. This device and these two services combine to create the ultimate Smart Home system at a low-cost while retaining its power. Then came a problem, there were not that many detailed guides on how to implement these three in terms of hardware and software on a large scale. I took matters into my own hands and created a solution: MK-SmartHouse.
MK-SmartHouse is a resource and solution I created to show people how to make certain devices to control things like blinds, and sense changes such as a door opening. These devices have been fully tested and are very reliable. But, my favorite part about these devices is that they are super simple to make. They are simple because I have done all the hard work of designing these devices and testing them. All you have to do, is put them together using the detailed guides. I have worked really hard and have spent countless hours figuring out how to make them, so you don't have to! Enjoy!
MK-SmartHouse: The Powerful Low-Cost Smart Home Solution