• @js_quote: Your video tutorials are really very helpful. Extremely instrumental for beginners and even more so for people like me who have some background in computer science but none in electronics. It gives a starting point for anyone to begin building a smart house. Moreover, you go into so much detail, that if one needs to build something right from scratch, one can easily refer to your videos and at the same time allow for learning opportunities from other sources to easily integrate other smart devices into the environment. Just that inconsistency in the video rollout seemed to be a bummer, but then I do understand the amount of work that must go into this. Nevertheless, keep being awesome! ✌🏻 Really appreciate all the work you’ve done mate. It’s very helpful, inspiring and motivating what you do! Thank you!

  • @nihalgulati: Your tutorials are absolutely amazing as they are very well structured, organized and planned. I really appreciate your way of demonstration and their consistent pattern. And I know this takes a lot of hardwork. You are live example of both intelligence and hardwork together! Wish you a successful career ahead.


  • @Aaron Dean: Matt Kaczynski has helped me understand home electronics from a beginner level through to an experienced level. Openhab is the best open source software you can use and he explains it very well for every level. His shop and website is easy to use and easy to navigate. Thanks Matt from Aaron Dean Twomey in Australia.


  • @carloszacu: I followed your instructions for installing OpenHab on my raspberry pi, it was awesome, very detailed and understandable for a newby like me. Keep up with your awesome work; BTW it would be nice if you make a tutorial on how to integrate the Broadlink RM Pro and the ZWave stuff. Greetings from Colombia :)


  • @tomreagh:  I purchased the door sensor from you, and it was shipped much faster than I had anticipated. The supplied materials included everything to get it up and running and when I had a technical issue, you responded very quickly. I will buy from you again, even though you provide enough information to not require purchasing kits from you. Thanks a ton.