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Control: Smart Power Strip Links

Smart Power Strip


Product Links:
1X 5v to 3.3v converter:
6in of 2 conductor 22 AWG cable:
3x 1 ft Green 14 AWG cable:
4x 1 ft Black 14 AWG cable:
1x 6in Black 14 AWG cable:
4x 1ft White 14 AWG cable:
1x 6in White 14 AWG cable:
1X 4 port push in connector:
2x 3 port push in connector:
2x female spade connectors:
1x 4 gang Electrical Box:
1x face plate and screws: 
1x 14AWG Power Cord:
Tool Links:
Soldering Iron:
ST7 Soldering Tip:
Helping Hands:
Wire Strippers:
Wire Cutters:
Small Flat Screw Driver:
Spade Drill Bits:
If you are on mac click the latest dmg file and on windows click the latest exe file