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Control: Sonoff Basic R2 DIY Smart Plug Demo

Sonoff Basic R2 DIY Smart Plug


The Sonoff Basic Smart Plug is a Cheap DIY Smart Home device that I show you how to make which means there will be 4 videos, Demo, Hardware, Software, and Deploy.
This is the first video the Demo Video where I am going to:
- Explain what this Sonoff Basic Smart Plug is 
- How the device works and details about it
- Different Use cases for the device
- Show every possible way you can control the device, there are a lot
The Sonoff Basic Smart Plug is basically a device where you can turn on and off anything you plug into it. 
Alexa, turn on christmas light 1 
But, what is good about this device is that I have made it water resistant so it is perfect for the outdoors. I am going to use this device to control the christmas lights in front of my house.
But you can use it indoors as well, it all depends on what extension cord/ cable you use, if outdoor can use outdoor
Another useful feature of this device is you can choose any male and female end you want. 
Show How one has 3 plugs and another just one
So what are some use cases for the device:
Outdoor Christmas Lights
Indoor Christmas Lights
Christmas tree
Outdoor lights
Indoor lights/ lamps
Tv power
Certain coffee machines
Charging Stations
Possibilities are endless
Tour around the device show all the different parts
For your convenience at you can pick up a kit with everything you need to make this device except for the extension cord part. I will leave a link in the description to different extension cord options to use with it.
 I don’t include the extension cord for 2 reasons: 
I ship world wide
So you can choose any type of end you want
You can pick up a kit at link is in description
I don’t have to many available so if you want one do not wait because they could be gone.
I also have an assembled option where I put everything together for you all you have to do is connect your extension cord ends
There is also an option regardless of assembled or not where I can flash it with tasmota for you.
If you pick up a kit you can follow along with the videos. Again go to oh yea I have fast USA shipping.
Speaking of links follow @mksmarthouse
Let me show you the device in action and every way you can control it. But the ways you control it depend on the firmware you have on the device.
You can either keep the stock firmware that comes with the Sonoff Basic or you can do my favorite which is flash it with tasmota.
With either firmware you can control the device with:
Amazon echo
Google home
If you keep the stock firmware you can also control it with the:
eWelink app
If you flash with Tasmota Firmware you can also control the device with:
Home Assistant
As you can see can control from the most with Tasmota Firmware.
Tasmota connects to Home Assistant and OpenHAB using MQTT
If you want to make this device pick up a kit at
This device uses high voltage proceed with caution, also be mindful of what you plug into the device because there is a maximum of how much power it can handle. Read the sonoff box it comes with for more information.