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OpenHab 2: Update OpenHab Demo

Update OpenHab


Hey guys Matt here from and in this video I am going to show you how to update openHAB.
In this complete guide I will show you how to update your openHAB server to the latest openHAB release. At the time of recording the latest openHAB release is openHAB 2.3. I am currently running openHAB 2.2. Before I begin I would like to say it feels good to be back and you guys will be seeing more videos as I have been working on a lot of things while I was gone. One of the things I have been working on is SmartHouse Society which is a clothing brand I started so I could show my smart home pride. If you guys want to show you are part of the elite society of smart house members and also want to support the channel you can go to, there will be a link in the description. 
Speaking of links in the description, follow @mksmarthouse on twitter, instagram and snapchat because those are the place where I give sneak peaks on when videos are releasing and also where I ask for your input on topics and future videos.
Anyway, to update your openhab server you are not going to need besides a computer and your openHAB server. 
I highly recommend backing up your openHAB server before you begin. If you have not watched my openhab backup video then I really recommend it as it could save you a lot of stress if something were to happen. If you have watched that video and did everything in the video then your openhab server should already be automatically backed up.
1. The first thing we have to do is ssh into the openhab server so if you are on mac use terminal and on windows use putty. 
2. Next, type in sudo openhabian-config and press enter. You might need to type in your admin password.
Note: A pop up might come up asking if you want to update use the arrow keys and go over skip and press enter.
3. After use the arrow keys and go over update and press enter.
Note: If there is an update it will stop the config tool and update so you will need to go back into it with sudo openhabian-config and press enter, also if there is a pop up press enter.
4. Once that finished use the arrow keys and go over update system and press enter.
5. If configuration file prompts come up just keep typing in N and enter because we want to keep our modified files.
6. Once it finishes use the arrow keys and go over Exit and press enter.
7. It is also a good practice to update the raspberry pi itself so type in sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade and press enter.
8. As a final step I like to go ahead and reboot the server. So type in sudo reboot
That is it! Once it boots up your openHAB server should be all up to date.
That concludes this complete guide to updating your openhab server. In the description you will find links to all the parts and devices used in the video as well as a link to where I have a wide range of smart home kits that you can put together such as blinds, led strips, sprinkler system and door sensors. Alright thank you for watching and If you have any questions leave them in the comments section below or head over to Good Bye!