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Sensors: MQTT Door / Window Sensor Final Install

MQTT Door / Window Sensor

Final Install: 

First up let's go over the materials we need to install this door sensor. For this device there are two ways to install it so what you need depends on how you install. The first way and the way I am going to do it, is to take wall tac and put it on the back of the device and stick it to the wall. In this case all you need is wall tac. The second way to install it is to take screws and screw it to the wall. In this case you need screws and a drill and a screw driver. The link to all the materials and parts are in the description below or over on the website. Alright let’s get to installing, I am doing the wall tac method because this door is not finished so I do not know the final position of this device and do not want to make holes right now. The great thing about wall tac is that it does not damage walls.
Anyway the first thing we are going to do is play with the positioning of the device and determine where we want it to go. I was thinking about either putting it down at the bottom or at the top. But, I decided to put it at the top. The next thing I did is open the case and take the sensor cable and sort of rolled it into the enclosure to make the cable shorter, then I closed the case back up. As you can see now the wire is shorter and there is not an excess amount sticking out. After that take off the protective paper off of the adhesive on the magnetic door sensor and stick it in your desired location. Now take two pieces of wall tac and stick it on the back of the door sensor control box. Then stick the control box to the wall. Next peel off the protective backing off of the magnet or the other piece of the sensor and line it up, then stick it to the door. Great the sensor is mounted, so plug it in and test it out, see if you get a notification on your mobile device. Now that we confirmed it works in this location let’s clean up the wire. If your door is finished with trim then you can either lift up the trim and tuck it in or you can just it alongside the trim. Lucky for me the door is not finished so I lifted up the tape that was there and laid the cable in the hole, then I put the tape back. Great the cable is mostly hidden. That is it, the sensor is now complete and fully installed! Alright thank you for watching and If you have any questions leave them in the comments section below or head over to where you have a better chance of it getting answered. Good Bye!