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LED Strip
LED Strip
LED Strip

LED Strip

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This is a kit to make your very own wifi openhab mqtt controlled LED Strip.

Both the DIY Kit and Assembled device come with MK-LEDStrip firmware version 2 installed so all you have to do is connect it to your server using your mobile phone.

Please also note: If you would like this kit put together for you, so all you have to do is plug it in and connect it to your OpenHAB or Home Assistant server then click the Assembled option in the drop down.

This kit includes:

Part Quantity
1 Pin Male Header 4
4 Pin Female Header Long 1
4 Pin Male Header 90 1
3 Pin Male Header 1
2 Pin Male Header 1
2 Pin Jumper 2
DC Jack 1
TIP 122 Transistor 3
470 ohm Resistor 3
Esp8266 1
Buck Converter 1
Custom PCB 1
Enclosure 1
LED Strip 5 meters
Wall Tac 1
4 Pin Female Header